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Today’s find: Galilee Guy

Just about every day, I drive along “St. Joseph Lane”…on the way to encountering my Lord in the Eucharist at daily Mass.

Our recent trip to the Holy Land gave me the chance to saunter along the “real” St. Joseph Lane…and in doing so, to encounter a delightful new dimension in my relationship with this Emmanuel, God-who-walks-among-us.

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Sunday Snippets

If you find some time in between games during March Madness this weekend…you might want to head on over to Rann’s place for this week’s helping of Lenten reflections from Catholic bloggers.

Among them, you’ll find my own thoughts about how an improbable win can lift one’s heart in gratitude to the Lord; as well as a tribute to the spiritual wisdom of St. Joseph…and some thoughts on another famous patron saint whom we honored this week. Enjoy!

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Today’s find: Joe & Leonard

It’s hard to know whether St. Joseph was a fan of the popular music of his day, especially given the fact that scripture reports not a single word he ever spoke. Still, something tells me he would have appreciated Leonard Cohen’s lyrical take on the enigmas of life.

I’m thinking in particular about Cohen’s masterful tune entitled “Anthem.” In its refrain, Cohen makes a wry observation:  “There is a crack…a crack…in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

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