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Today’s find: Theologians

“Marana tha! Come, Lord Jesus!” we pray (in the responsorial psalm) on the final day of the liturgical year.

When I noticed this, I thought it was a misprint in the missal: Somebody, somewhere must have gotten ahead of themselves…and begun the holy season of Advent a day early.

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Today’s find: Dominion

Didn’t realize it at the time, but I actually got to celebrate the feast of Christ the King a little early this year.

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Today’s find: Cornucopia

There’s nothing quite like doing a short stretch in prison…to sharpen one’s desire to give thanks.

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Today’s find: Living the 4th

One of the oddest things, the most curious blessings, of a Kairos Prison Retreat is the Fourth Day experience.

As team members, there’s nothing we can do to encourage our new brothers in Christ, beyond praying for them, as they begin (or continue) their walks with the Lord.

That’s much different than what happens with other Cursillo-based retreats. It leaves a bit of a hole in our hearts…

…our GRATEFUL hearts…for having had the chance to bear witness to the Good News, all weekend long inside Menard.


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Today’s find: Teamwork

The long and the short of it is…it’s been a great retreat so far, thanks in no small part to the tireless efforts of teammates like Brian (one of our newest Kairos volunteers) and Roy (one of our most experienced).

Please keep up the prayers for Menard #15, as we work — under the guidance of the Holy Spirit– toward a glorious Fourth Day!

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Today’s find: Blessed assurance

The first two days of this Kairos Weekend have been filled with “strange blessings”. Almost nothing has gone exactly according to “our” plans…but we keep showing up, and the Holy Spirit keeps finding us “a way where there is no way” during Menard #15.

We praise and thank You for that blessed assurance, Most Holy One!

And with Your help, we will report for duty again today!

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Today’s find: Persistence

Storm clouds brought an early snow…but they have not dampened our desire to share the Good News inside Menard this weekend.

Out of darkness…Wonderful Light!

Come , Holy Spirit! Shine all around Menard during our Kairos Prison Ministry Retreat!

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Today’s find: Outrageous

First-time team members typically find the request shocking: We ask everyone who serves on team to round up 40 dozen homemade cookies, all to be shared with residents and staffers during our Kairos Prison Ministry weekend retreat.

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Today’s find: Cloud of Witnesses

Maybe it’s just the company I keep, but I’ve had a bit of trouble convincing folks that you don’t have to be canonized in order for today — All Saints — to count as “your” feast day.

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