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Today’s find: Double-bye

A week ago, I had a really good feeling about my favorite college basketball team – the SLU Billikens.

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Today’s find: Ojo

For the most part, ‘March Madness’ has been a barren source of amusement for me this year. But that changed a bit the other day, when I became acquainted with Michael Ojo.

Or more precisely, with Ojo’s feet.

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Sunday Snippets

If you find some time in between games during March Madness this weekend…you might want to head on over to Rann’s place for this week’s helping of Lenten reflections from Catholic bloggers.

Among them, you’ll find my own thoughts about how an improbable win can lift one’s heart in gratitude to the Lord; as well as a tribute to the spiritual wisdom of St. Joseph…and some thoughts on another famous patron saint whom we honored this week. Enjoy!

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Today’s find: Comeback

We interrupt this ‘spirituality blog’ for a sports report: SLU Billikens win! SLU Billikens win!

For anyone whose passion for college basketball may not reach a religious fervor, allow me to explain:  It’s ‘March Madness’ time…the point in the season when you either win, or go home. And last night, my beloved Billikens were down 16 points with just 8 minutes to play…before staging a furious rally to post an improbable victory.

It turned into a God-moment for me…but one that I didn’t fully appreciate until the light of day.

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