‘Found’ Spirituality

Simply put, ‘found’ spirituality amounts to a promise: I will pay attention to the spiritual bounty that the Lord sets before me — and make an effort to share that Good News with others.

I stumbled upon ‘found’ spirituality during my Lenten journey in 2013. I’ve been writing professionally for more than 30 years, almost exclusively in commercial / corporate realms. And throughout that time, my off-hours have been blessed with an abundance of connections to spiritual resources — close encounters on retreats, catechetical programs, small faith-sharing groups, soul-stirring liturgies, talented writers, not to mention great friends and soul-mates.

Until Lent 2013, though, I struggled to integrate those elements of my life — to turn the spiritual bounty I’d been given into fodder for writing about things that really mattered…things that could, perhaps, stir the soul.

My will, it turns out, tended to poison the well just a bit. My ego often got in the way of what I wanted to be able to write. A better approach, I’ve discovered, is to wait for nudges from the Holy Spirit. To submit, surrender…allow my heart to be moved. This process began as a Lenten almsgiving in 2013 — in a blog called Steadfast Spirit. It grew into something I can only describe as a joy: Is today the day that another gift will arrive? What spiritual bounty will the Lord set before me next?

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