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Today’s find: Vessels

Jesus seems to have had a true ‘Father’s Day’ moment in the gospel passage we heard at Sunday Mass this week.

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Sunday (Well, Monday) Snippets

It’s been a couple of weeks since I chimed in over at the gathering of Catholic bloggers aka Sunday Snippets, A Catholic Carnival…but I figure Father’s Day would be a good time to reconnect.

I don’t have much to add regarding the question of the week regarding the tradition of Sacred Heart Enthronement — it’s never been a big part of my spirituality or practice. I DO cherish the loving heart that Christ reveals to me, however — even more, today, as I look back on a very special Father’s Day weekend, which included the ordination of our eldest son.  Here’s are some highlights of that happy event:

Father’s Day

Winning Tiles


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Today’s find: Father’s Day

After nearly 33 years of fatherhood, I think I was inclined to believe my children had pretty much already done all they could do to delight their Dad. I stand corrected.

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