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The stockings are hung by the chimney with care…leaving just enough time for bloggers to gather ’round and share their stories by the fire. There’s a warm hearth for just that purpose at RAnn’s place for Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival. Stop on by if you have a moment…

The question of the week is: What are your family’s Christmas traditions?

'O, Tannenbaum...O Tannebaum...'

‘O, Tannenbaum…O Tannebaum…’

We gather for feasts on both Christmas Eve…and on Christmas Day…formerly at “Grandma’s house” but more recently at my brother’s place (Schroeder side) and our house (Reiker side). Beyond wonderful food and drink, a favorite tradition on the Schroeder side is caroling, acapella.  And on the Reiker side, no gathering would be complete without a parlor game or two — typically one like Catchphrase or Guesstures, so all can join in.

As for my recent posts: In the third week of Advent, I blogged about Christmas coming early inside the prison; about Light penetrating our darkness; and about the peripatetic nature of saintly people. Hope you enjoy!

Advent & Christmas blessings to all!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Snippets

  1. Games are a good thing. Much more bonding than the usual discussions on religion and politics that leave bad feelings. 🙂

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