Today’s find: Hands-full

‘Little Bits’ had quite a dilemma on her hands yesterday—or more precisely, in her hands.

Looking ahead to the upcoming holiday, Gerri thought it might be fun to give our 14-month-old granddaughter a little practice hunting Easter eggs. So Grandma playfully scattered eight or nine brightly-colored plastic orbs across the carpet…equipped young Hannah with an equally colorful wicker basket to collect them in…and set her loose.

So many eggs...for two small hands...

So many eggs…for two small hands…

Quicker than you can say ‘bunny-rabbit’, Hannah had her initial quota—a pink egg in the right hand, sky-blue in the left. But she hadn’t quite mastered the idea of the basket as a potential repository. And soon enough, a look of quizzical consternation spread across her face: ‘Both hands full…so how am I going to grab all the rest of those gorgeously enticing objects still on the floor?’

After a few seconds, Hannah hit upon a strategy of sorts: She gingerly placed the pink egg down…to pick up a green one. And almost as quickly, she decided this approach was going to be wholly unsatisfactory. ‘There’s got to be a way to increase my take,’ her expression seemed to say.

Grandma came to the rescue, of course—demonstrating how the basket could be used to free one’s hands for more collecting. And Hannah’s heart was filled with delight at the prospect.

By happy coincidence, this little eggs-capade occurred on the feast of the Annunciation—and so it reminded me of the profound spiritual lesson we celebrate on that date. It is after all (on some level at least) a feast of seemingly impossible expectations.

How can a virgin conceive…and bear a son? How is it possible?

Mary herself asks the question. Then almost as quickly, she moves toward her ‘yes!’ – an answer that proves transformative, forever altering the course of salvation history.

Kinda makes you wonder, though: Have we learned much from Mary’s example?

What blessings do we forgo…because of the ‘certainties’ we feel compelled to cling to in our lives?

Do we lead with our ‘yes’ – or do we tend to approach God…with our hands already full?


Yes, that's Gramps, cuddling with a favorite spiritual guru...

Yes, that’s Gramps, cuddling with a favorite spiritual guru…




Let us pause now…to recall that we are in the presence of the Holy One.




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    My fellow writer cousin shares his Feast of the Annunciation thoughts here as he celebrates the Holy Week/Easter season with his first grandchild! Beautiful!

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