Sunday Snippets

Another week zooms by – Gaudete Sunday is coming up – and that means it’s time for another blogger conclave at RAnn’s place for Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival. Let’s see what’s in store…

The question of the week is: What spiritual gift do you want for Christmas this year?

Well, we are welcoming our first grandchild into the world soon…possibly before the end of the year. It would be a great blessing to have little Hannah come to know the Lord Jesus in her heart…and for all of us to grow closer to the Lord as we contemplate (and celebrate) this gift of new life in our family.

As for my recent posts: In the second week of Advent, mother Mary has been on my mind a bit. I wrote on Monday about the evolution of my attitude toward the Immaculate Conception…and on Thursday, I mused about the invitation to holiness we receive through the Virgin of Guadalupe.  Come to think of it, Mary’s spirituality played an important role in my recent Sound of Music post, too!

Advent blessings to all!

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