Today’s find: Postcard from Rio

Our son Chris watched the sun set in Rio de Janeiro the other day.

It seems surreal to write that sentence, although I’m getting a little more used to the idea that Chris’ work as a Jesuit will continue to take him places.


Beauty in the fading light over Rio

His primary posting these days is at the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley – but this trip to Rio (in connection with World Youth Day in a couple of weeks) is his second trip out of the country already this year.

We’re looking forward — as we always do — to the stories he’ll be able to tell of his encounters along the way. But already this trip to Brazil has blessed me with a deeper appreciation of the gift we have in our universal church.

Rio, of course, is recognized around the world for its massive statue of Jesus—Cristo Redentoroverlooking the city.

Like any good tourist, Chris quickly made a trip to the sculpture atop Corcovado mountain, and took a couple of really cool photos there.


A love big enough for all the world.

I’m intrigued by his shot of the statue itself: Cristo is a really big God, indeed!

And I absolutely love the candid Chris took of a boy nearby on the plaza—his arms outstretched in imitation of the Lord.

What does the photo say to you?


Sharing the light of Christ.

To me, it’s a tribute to the faith of all the Brazilian Catholics who worked to make their city’s famous landmark possible. They did not hide their light under a bushel basket, but put it on a stand – where it gives light for all the world to see.


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One thought on “Today’s find: Postcard from Rio

  1. Pat Cromien

    That is awesome John! Janet and I were in Rio over 25 years ago. Remind me to show you the picture that we took of Christ the Redeemer from Sugar Loaf Mountain. It appears that Christ is standing on the clouds. Truly amazing!

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