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Today’s find: Hop and a skip

Sure, it’s one of my all-time favorite Golf League stories. But I bet it’s been 15 years since I told it last. Then, curiously, I find myself telling the tale twice in two days – on two different courses.

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Today’s find: Pandemic Pop-in

Generally, my wife Gerri has found better ways than I have…to make our pandemic “downtime” productive. Sorting through stuff we’ve stored for ages, for example. And yeah: turning all those trays of slide transparencies into digital files we might actually take the trouble to view once again.

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Today’s find: Sheep Gate

Sheep, for the most part, are an abstraction to me. I see them in photos and videos from time to time, but as a city dweller, my up-close encounters with them have been limited.

That changed a bit last summer though, on a vacation trip to Scotland and Ireland. When you get away from the cities in either country, you find sheep practically everywhere.

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