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Today’s find: The path to glory

The Cardinals put a whuppin’ on the Mets last night. By mid-game, the score was so lopsided that my attention waned…and my mind wandered back to a time when the New York crew provided a much more formidable test for the Redbirds. Along the way, I encountered an unexpected lesson in spirituality.

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Today’s find: Real-time…and beyond.

It was the oddest thing yesterday afternoon, listening as my eldest son cheered Carlos Beltran’s RBI single in the fifth versus the Giants. We were watching the televised game ‘together’ on the phone* – me, in suburban St. Louis…Chris, half-a-continent away in Berkeley, just across the bay from San Francisco.

Suddenly, Chris interrupted an unrelated thought to yelp in delight at the run-scoring hit. Meanwhile, I’m sitting in front of my flat-screen, mystified…because in the picture I’m seeing at that moment, the hurler hadn’t even begun his wind-up.

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