Today’s find: Born from above

Just about this time every year, I find myself reflecting on the fact that I have something of a soul brother in Nicodemus.

All this week at Mass, we hear the dialogue between the holy man and Jesus — a talk that takes place at night, because Nicodemus doesn’t seem eager to risk his social status…by publicly associating with a dude like Jesus.

As the conversation continues, things don’t get easier for the learned man. In fact, he’s confounded by what Jesus tells him — that he must be “born from above.”

How can this happen? Nicodemus wonders (not unreasonably) aloud.

And yet, it can happen. It does happen.

It happened to me, quite unexpectedly a few years back. And I thought you might be edified by my retelling of the episode, as recounted in this blog post from 2015:

Nihonga, Nicodemus and me


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2 thoughts on “Today’s find: Born from above

  1. You just made my day! Thank you, sir and God bless you.

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