Today’s find: Disorder in the house

The past few months, it seems, disorder has been my constant companion. And frankly, I don’t always handle it well.

Earlier this week, I let a few weeds disrupt an otherwise prayerful moment. In today’s gospel, I see, Jesus encourages me to consider a different sort of response. It’s a great gospel message for a time of pandemic, if you think about it. Not all that consoling in the short term, perhaps…but a timely (and in my case, necessary) reminder that I do not hold the position of General Manager of the Universe.

A few years back, in (seemingly) simpler times, I blogged about this same Gospel passage. So it occurs to me: This might be a good occasion to revisit the message the Holy Spirit sent to me back then.

Here’s a link to that earlier reflection, in case it’s of interest to you:

Disorder invades…
And a sort of stark beauty results…
Everywhere in nature, great beauty to behold!
Look beyond the weeds, the disorder, to see something marvelous at work.

Let us remember that we are in the presence of the Holy and Merciful One.

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3 thoughts on “Today’s find: Disorder in the house

  1. I love the Litany of Contradictory Things, thanks for sharing it. I’ve saved it as a reminder to myself, that all belong. As always, thank you!

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