Today’s find: OK, Boomer

Here’s hoping that my semi-scatological expletive wasn’t audible to the other reticent Romeos in the greeting card aisle yesterday.

None of us looked terribly comfortable there. But somehow we all bore the pain of publicly sorting through sentiments – with lots of other dudes looking over our shoulders — so that each could pick the perfect Valentine for his Sweetie.

Gimme a break, Hallmark — a price break!

Trouble is, once I found mine…and looked on the back…I saw a price that set my miserly soul to muttering.

And…it could be that a choice word (or two) actually got said out loud.

But I mean, really: $8.99 for a greeting card?

My first thought: I must be having a heart attack. But upon further review, perhaps it was more like an “Ok, Boomer” moment. I don’t get out much, you see…so it could be greeting cards just cost that much these days.

And once you find the perfect card, what? You’re gonna put it back…because the Love-of-Your-Life isn’t worth (with tax) a ten-dollar bill?

So after blowing off a little steam, this ol’ graybeard paid the princely price and went on his way. (The card did its job, I suppose. It was warmly received…until I ‘fessed up how much it had cost. But we both agreed that the homemade card she gave me was every bit as effective in expressing what we mean to each other.)

Priceless…and the price is right!

Still I’m not quite sure my Boomer brain has come to grips with this whole exorbitant greeting card transaction. 9 bucks to buy 50 words? Maybe it’s because I’m selling my new book – the whole book, all 10,000 words of it – for just 40 percent more.

Now, there’s real value, by crackey! (I’ve even included a chapter about Valentine’s Day.)

And if any of that sounds even remotely appealing, you can come hear me speak about Steadfast Spirit at LaSalle Retreat Center on February 25. My Lenten reflection begins at 11:00 AM.  And if you like, you can sign up for the luncheon to follow here:

So stop on by LaSalle the morning of February 25, and I promise: Not a single expletive will come out of my mouth!


Let us pause now…to recall that we are in the presence of the Holy & Merciful One.


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