Today’s find: ‘Yes!’

We’ve turned the page into 2019, and I’m being encouraged, at this King’s House retreat, to say “yes” to the New Year…sight unseen. It’s a Big Ask…

…but the Ask is made easier to swallow by grace — by the knowledge that God is Present, and still giving, in every circumstance.

One of our retreat masters, Fr Mark Dean OMI, penned a poem to help us savor this gift.

Here’s the text, shared with his permission:

Why births the year in Winter dark

And not in Summer shine?

Why does this year, marked by the Sun, not start when Sun is prime?

The year is born in Winter Dark

And not in sunshine bright, for what shall come remains unseen like black coal in the night.

It is for us to receive in faith what yet lies out of sight.

A year of favor from the Lord was born to us last night.

There will be gain, there will be loss, and joy and sorrow too.

We shall be changed by journeys trod, before this year is through.

As days become the weeks slipped by, and the Season-spiral turns, we trust ourselves into God’s hand, for whom our hearts do yearn.

2019 has now begun, a gift born in the night.

In God’s hands and through God’s Love, may this year bless us bright!

The poet, at work…

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4 thoughts on “Today’s find: ‘Yes!’

  1. Mike Sawicki

    Happy New Year John and Gerri

  2. Thanks John for sharing this. Fr. Mark is a wise priest. I am looking forward to my annual King’s House retreat this year. Well, second annual actually. I do have plans to make it an annual part of my life. I’m enjoying a retreat for Oblate novices at St. Meinrad Archabbey this weekend. Say a prayer for me as I journey toward becoming a Benedictine Oblate later this year. I’m feeling very grateful for the people God placed in my life in 2018. I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings! A very blessed and Happy New Year to you and your family.

    • I will be delighted to pray for you, Dan. It sounds like a delightful and blessed journey you have begun. May our gracious Lord fill your heart with unexpected blessings, every step of the way!

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