Today’s find: Resting place

The 14th Station – Jesus is Laid in the Tomb. It’s been a favorite resting place, my spiritual oasis, for years.

Once upon a time, I used to get paid (a little) for writing spiritual reflections. They were called Minute Meditations on the Way of the Cross, published by Creative Communications for the Parish. And I enjoyed writing them for the most part, although coming up with a fresh take on the familiar devotion certainly got to be a challenge after a few years running.

But I do remember this: I always loved writing about the 14th Station.

I loved the emptiness, the solitude, the anticipation it evoked in my spirit.

And for Good Friday, I like returning there – to revisit some of the things I wrote years ago. Since the little pamphlets are now long out of print…I suspect the publisher won’t mind if I release a few of my favorite ‘14th Station’ reflections into the blogosphere.

May they help you find a resting place on this holy day…and fill your heart with hope for the joy to come!

* * *

Jesus, now your friends have scattered, your body grows cold in the darkness of the tomb. Still, something is stirring here that draws the faithful ones back to you—first, Mary Magdalene, then Peter, and the disciple whom you loved. They put aside their fears and came to find a peace that is beyond all understanding. Give me hope in the face of what seems hopeless. Turn my everyday disappointments and sorrows into joy, the joy of being united, today and forever, with you.

‘You Make All Things New’ © 2006 Creative Communications for the Parish

* * *

For a moment, it appears that victory belongs to the darkness of the tomb. We do not understand your Word that the seed must die before it bears much fruit. But what riches you—the True Vine—have prepared for us! As I approach your tomb today, help me to gaze into the dark corners of my life with eyes of faith. Stir up new life in me, and let your love flow from me.

‘You Are The Branches’ © 2007 Creative Communications for the Parish

* * *

Like an old wineskin, a resting place that cannot contain the glory to come, your body is laid in the tomb. You have promised us a new covenant, a deeper communion with God, if we drink from the cup of life as you did, fully embracing all its joys and sorrows. Shape my heart now, Jesus, so that it is receptive to the grace you offer. Fill it to overflowing with your enduring love.

‘Can You Drink The Cup?’ © 2010 Creative Communications for the Parish

* * *

All is quiet now, Lord Jesus, and I welcome the peace found here in the darkness of the tomb. I wait now in joyful hope, for the Easter glory to come. But even before catching a glimpse of that saving light, I am grateful for the solitude of this moment. You are here, in the silence, eager to keep watch with me. Help me to remember this moment, Lord, when worldly cares and pains distract me. Bring my heart back to yours.

‘Your Will Be Done’ © 2011 Creative Communications for the Parish


Let us pause now…to recall that we are in the presence of the Holy & Merciful One.



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