Today’s find: Epiphany

Am I a wise man today, any wiser than I was a year ago on this date?

I like to think that I am…not least because it was on this day in 2014 that we welcomed Hannah into the world, and I earned a brand new title: Gramps.

Wisdom & Beauty, arising...

Wisdom & Beauty, arising…

At the risk of becoming tiresome, I must say I’ve enjoyed every moment of grandparenthood over these past twelve months. It’s been a delight to watch Hannah grow…to witness her emerging inquisitiveness…to hear her laughter…even to comfort her in times of distress.

And no less important: I’ve loved learning all the things our granddaughter has taught me…the way she’s pointed me toward some powerful spiritual lessons:

~ How to look at the world with new eyes.
~ The joy in being recognized for who we are.
~ That tendency of the Spirit to show up at times we don’t expect.
~ The blessing to be found in obedience.
~ The danger in the desire to domesticate God.
~ How God, perhaps, sometimes encourages us to be risk-takers.
~ And how our limited senses often fail to perceive Christ’s transforming power.

So when I pray down blessings on Hannah, it is (at least in part) a matter of self-interest. I know full well how she already has blessed me during her short time on earth. And I’m eager to see what gifts God—through Hannah’s agency—has in store for me next.

Maybe that makes me a wise man. Maybe it doesn’t. In any event, I know my heart is filled with a particular kind of joy on this day—the 12th Day of Christmas, and traditionally the feast of the Epiphany.

But whether or not there’s a 1st birthday to celebrate within our immediate clan, it seems to me that all Christians have good reason to pause and reflect today.

There is, after all, a great new Light shining in our lives – the Reason for the Season.

Disguised as a Child, this brilliant Presence can dispel the darkness…if only we are wise enough to continue to seek Christ, and to allow Christ to enter in.









Let us pause now…to recall that we are in the presence of the Holy One.


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4 thoughts on “Today’s find: Epiphany

  1. Mike Albers

    Gramps, your little angel has, indeed, brought wisdom . . . and joy.

  2. tom will


    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and your life with all of us.

    Question: was your new picture at the top of the post take a couple of days ago? Sue and I have been amazed at the sunsets over the past two nights….. wow!

    Also, your post reminded me of my daily St Faustina emails and her writings from Jesus that He wants us to be childlike. That those living life like a child have the greatest chance in sharing eternal life with Him. When I’m with my granddaughter, I love acting like a child with her, marching around a table, then falling to the floor with her, crawling under the dining room table and exploring like we are in a cave…… It’s true that my kids may look at me with curiosity, what’s Dad doing under the dining room table, but I have such fun with her. It’s a reminder to us all to live with childlike humility and innocence.

    Your my hero.


    • Hi Tom,
      The new “banner” photo was indeed taken a day or two ago…looking out our back window. And obviously I agree: God is putting on quite a show for us at day’s end.

      I know exactly what you mean about “playtime” too: It feels so wonderful to explore the world from a one-year-old’s point of view — a reminder of what it means to be a child of God!

      New Year’s blessings to you and yours!

  3. mike

    I just glad the d**m snowflakes are gone. . . and yes sunsets have been special the last few days

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