Today’s find: Sunday Snippets

A busy week of family gatherings, and a busy week of blogging…at least by my standards.

But first things first:

Question of the week: What do you plan to do for Advent?

In the spirit of the season, we are praying for–and eagerly anticipating the arrival of–our first grandchild in January. We are waiting, too, for a lengthy hospital stay to run its course for a close relative. I notice, in both cases, the urge to “hurry things along”…and so I’m praying for the grace this Advent to savor the anticipation, instead; to trust God…and grow in the confidence that we are — all of us — exactly where the Holy One intends us to be.

As for blogging topics, I found myself writing about musical friends, old and new…a Christ the King reflection on the permanence of landmarks and cornerstones in our lives…and, of course, resisting commercial temptations and turning our grateful hearts to the Lord on Thanksgiving. See what other bloggers have been writing about here.

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